Interview Questions

  1. What is Digital Marketing?
    Promoting a Product / Service / Website / Brand through online / Internet
  2. What are the Strategies which we implement in Digital Marketing?
    Digital Marketing Strategies implemented on a Website
  3. What is mean by SEO?
    To define SEO go to the following page - Search Engine Optimization
  4. What is mean by SERP?
    Search Engine Result Page - user search query Results are shown on a page
  5. What results can be seen on SERP?
    Query Results are shown on a page
  6. What are the Types of SEO and Types of Optimization?
    5 Types of SEO
  7. What is Cloaking?
    It is an SEO technique, the content presented or shown to search engines is completely different from the content presented or shown to the user's browser.
  8. What is Page Rank / Page Authority?
    Rank is given for the particular landing pages based on the quality and quantity of the website content/links.
  9. What is Domain Rank / Domain Authority?
    Rank is given for the domain page based on the quality and quantity of the website content/links.
  10. What is Trust Flow?
    Quality of a Website - how often our Website is Trustful - Websites based on the trusted/worthiness of the websites, URLs that point to our website.
  11. What is Citation Flow?
    Amount of a Link Juice - a website is passing from one to another website through links.
  12. What is an ON - Site Optimization?
    Techniques or Strategies which are implemented within a Website
  13. What is an Off-Site Optimization?
    Techniques or Strategies implemented apart from a Website, to get backlinks
  14.  What is mean by Keyword Stuffing?
    It is considered as the Spam which means Keywords are overloaded in the content or a website.
  15. What is a Keyword Density?
    1% to 3% of the total number of words in an Article
  16. What are the tools which are used for the Keyword Research?
    Keyword Planner - Google Adwords
    Uber Suggest
    - Normal Website for Keyword Ideas
    Keyword Everywhere
    - Chrome Extension Tool
  17. What are the Types of Keywords?
    Keyword Types
  18. What are to be considered in order to select the Keywords?
    Considerations to select the keywords
  19. Name Some OFF Page techniques?
    Some of the Off-Page Techniques are:
       - Guest Blogging
       - Forum Postings
       - Blog Commenting
       - Social Bookmarking
       - Web 2.0 Submissions
       - Classifieds
       - Directory Submissions
  20. What are the Internal Links and External Links?
    Internal and External Links
  21. What is meant by Inbound Links? and other names for it?
    Inbound and Outbound Links
  22. What is meant by Do-Follow and No-Follow Links
    Do-Follow and No-Follow Links
  23. What is mean y Bread Crumb?
    It is nothing but a Navigation of a page from Home page of that particular post page.
    Used in User interface
    It appears on the Top of the Web page - below the title bar or headers.

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