Creating a Website using Word Press

A website can be created by using Word Press wherein word press there are 2 options for creating a website one of the processes is free of cost which means we don't need to pay any amount for creating the website and another process is the paid-in which we have to buy the Domain name and Server individually.
In the Free process, there is a disadvantage that is we will have our own domain address as we selected domain name and along with that word press name as an extension( Domain Extension).
Whereas in the paid process there is an advantage that is our domain address will have our selected domain name with the domain extension.

The following process is the website creation in word press free process:
To create a Website one should have the Gmail account.
Open your Gmail Account in your web browser.
Search for Word press in google and click on the website.

Click on the login - if you already created an account otherwise click on the Get Started.

Create an account in Word press using your google account that is nothing but a Gmail account in order to do so click on Continue with Google, otherwise by giving your email address and username and also by giving a password and then after click on Create your account.

If you want to share any ideas or news or updates or information - you can select the Blog,
if you want to create your website related to services or products - you can select the Business,
if your website is related to the education or any study-oriented - you can select the option Professional,
if you want to create an E-Commerce website or any product selling business - you can select the option Online Store.

After this, we have to select one of the categories for the blog.
Here I have selected the Blog option the following page appears on the screen.

The Page which is shown with a list as shown select one of the subcategory among them to which your website is related. After then we will see the following page as appears:

Select the Blog Name and click on Continue.

Now we have to select the whose blog is it this so mention the blog's name in the required field and then click on Continue.

Then after the following page appears on the screen and we have to mention blog address and select the Free option in the listed below:

After clicking on Select option the following page appears as shown below:
Click on the Start with a free site

As we click on the start with a free site our website will be shortly ready

Our website is ready and its Dashboard will look like as follows:

Now we can start the changing theme by clicking on the Design and then after the Themes.
In order to develop our website click on the Site and then after click on the Posts or Pages to Develop your website.
Then after clicking on the posts or pages start writing content to your website.


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