19 Things You Never Knew About Seo Site Level Factors

19 Things You Never Knew About Seo Site Level Factors

Here are some of the main Site-Level Factors that are to be considered in doing the SEO technique for any website, this can result in getting good traffic for any website(Organic Traffic).

Best Site-Level Factors that can Grow Organic Traffic for a Website are as follows: 

1. Content provides value & unique insights: Google stated that sites featuring mostly content from affiliate networks can suffer in Google's search rankings because they do not have enough added value content that differentiates them from other sites on the website.

2. Contact us Page: Google quality document states that they prefer sites with an appropriate amount of contact information 

3. Domain Trust/ Site Rank: It is measured by how many links authority links your site has got

4. Site Architecture: A well put site structure will help google to crawl &organise your content

5. Site Updates: How often your site is updated

6. Number of pages: The total number of pages a site has is a weak sign of authority. A very large site can be distinguished from thin sites

7. Presence of sitemaps: A sitemap helps search engines to index your pages easier and more thoroughly & can improve visibility

8. Site uptime: Lots of downtime from site maintenance or server issues will hurt the ranking

9. Server location: server locations may influence where your site ranks in different geographical locations. 

10. SSL certificate: Google confirmed that they index SSL certificates & use HTTPS as a ranking signal

11. Terms of services & privacy pages: This helps to tell Google that the site is a trustworthy member of the internet.

12. Duplicate Meta Information onSite: Duplicate meta information across your site may bring down all your pages visibility

13. Breadcrumb Navigation: This is a style of user-friendly site architecture that can help users along with search engines to know where they are on the site at present.

14. Mobile optimized: It is always Fully responsive sites get an edge in searches from mobile devices. Always make sure the site is mobile-friendly

15. Youtube: There no doubt that youtube videos are more preferred in SERP.

16. Site usability: A site is difficult to be used or navigate that can hurt ranking by reducing time on site, viewing pages, or also leads to more bounce rate.

17. Use of Google Analytics: verifying your site in Google Analytics is also one of the ranking factor

18. Use of Google Webmaster: You can see your complete SEO performance & it is also one of the ranking factor

19. User Review/ Site reputation: Reviews on your site can play an important factor in ranking

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