Use of AMP and Is it Really Worthy?

Use of AMP and Is it Really Worthy

What is an AMP?

AMP is elaborated as an Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is launched by Google, which helps in loading any website as speed as possible in this way a website can serve the information very quickly to the website visitors or website users on the mobile devices.

It is also mentioned that Mobile-Friendly theme that may perform better for those who are searching on mobile devices, which suggests it can improve your ranking on mobile searches.

So using AMP Blogger Template not only assists you to hurry up your blog speed or website speed but it can also help you to rank higher in Google’s SERP.

Use of Selecting AMP theme for blogger websites

There may be many advantages of using AMP theme for blogger websites as:
1. SEO and Mobile Friendly
2. Responsive Themes
3. Improves Blog Speed
4. Search Traffic can be Increased
5. Ready of Ads
6. Enhancing the User's Experience
7. Fast Loading
8. CTR - Click Through Rate will be high
9. Ranks our blog higher in the SERP

AMP is actually stripped-down the  HTML copy of an existing webpage content that provides faster loading time than before or standard HTML5 documents. These Websites can serve AMP pages by implementing rel=amphtml tags into their HTML. 

All the pages with AMP codes contains a three-step AMP configuration. 

HTML Code: A stripped-down and unique markup of traditional HTML code with unique tags.
Java Script: won't to fetch resources and stripped right down in order to eliminate unnecessary rendering.
CDN: It's an optimized network that is designed to cache pages and adapt them to AMP code immediately.

AMP Future:

Between skepticism of Google itself and Google’s lackluster marketing campaign for AMP, most users and webmasters were largely unaware of AMP for a short time or unwilling to adopt it. Fortunately, the speed of adoption is greatly accelerating. 

By considering how we mentioned that the 31 million domains have been adopted AMP immediately last year. There are nearly about 1,000,000 websites two years ago.

As SEO continues to maneuver faraway from the computer towers and onto the mobile screens and other several devices, the speed of adoption for AMP and other similar technologies will greatly accelerate. It’s now up to existing platforms to form this transition easier for us.

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