Top Best Page Level Factors in SEO Technique

Top Best Page Level Factors in SEO Technique

Here are some of the main Page-Level Factors which to be considered in doing the SEO technique for any website, this results in getting good traffic for any website(Organic Traffic).

Best Page-Level Factors to Grow Organic Traffic for a Website are as follows: 

1. Keyword in Title Tag: Besides content, the Title tag is the second most important factor. Always give your business-driven keywords in Title Tag

2. Title Tag starts with keywords: Title Tags that start with keywords tend to perform better than title tags with keywords at the end of the title tag.

3. Keyword in Description Tag: Always start the description with keywords included as it is also one of the relevancy signal

4. Keywords in H1 tag: H1 tags are second title tags that send another relevancy signal to search engines.

5. Keyword Density: Having keywords appear more than any other likely acts as a relevancy signal

6. Content-Length: Always make sure your content is min 500 words per page

7. Latent Semantic Keyword in content: LSI keywords help search engines extract meaning from words more than one meaning. Check your keywords & LSI & include it in your content

8. LSI in Keywords in Title & Description Tags: LSI keywords in page tags help google recognize between synonyms & can act as a relevancy signal

9. Page loading speed:  Make sure the page is loaded below 5 sec as it is also one of the ranking factors. Search Engines spiders can estimate your site speed based on page codes & file sizes.

10. Duplicate content: Copied content will affect your site rankings & can even degrade your website rankings

11. Rel= canonical: Always use canonical tags so you can prevent Google from considering duplicate pages

12. Image Optimization: Images on-page send search engines important relevancy signals through their file name, alt text, title & description, etc.

13. The recency of content updates: The updated content will always be given priority & Google shows the date of pages  last updated for certain pages searched on google

14. Magnitude of content updates: Edits or changes is a freshness factor. Adding or removing sections is a more significant update than switching around the order of few words.

15. History of page updates: How often a page has been updated over time, daily, weekly, yearly. Frequently Updates in pages also plays a role in freshness.

16. Keyword Prominence: Having keywords appeared in the first 100 words of content considered to be significant relevancy signal

17. Keywords in H2 & H3 .. H6 Tags: You can use other sets of keywords in your headers.

18. Keyword word order: An exact match of searchers keyword in a page content will generally rank better than the same keyword. Ex: consider a search for “dog shaving techniques”. A page optimized for phrase “dog shaving techniques will rank better than a page optimized for techniques for dogs shaving.

19. Outbound link quality: Many SEO's think that linking out to authority sites help send trust signals to google

20. Grammar & spelling mistakes: Proper grammar & spelling is a quality signal 

21. Syndicated content: Is the content original or copied or scraped from the indexed page, as it won't rank as well as original.

22. No of Outbound links: don't give too many dofollow links 

23. Multimedia: Images, videos & other multimedia elements act as content quality signals

24. No of Internal links pointing to page: No of internal links to a page indicates importance relative to other pages on site

25. Broken Links: Having too many broken links on a page will effect-site rankings

26. Affiliate Links: It probably don't hurt your rankings but if its too many google algorithm can penalize your site by degrading website rankings

27. HTML errors/ W3C validation: W3C allows internet users to check HTML and XHTML documents for well-formatted markup. Markup validation is a crucial step for ensuring the technical quality of websites. W3C validation helps you to urge better rankings in search engines

28. Domain Authority: Pages with higher domain authority will rank higher than a page with a domain  with less authority

29. Page Authority: Pages with higher page authority will probably have more chances of ranking higher than lower page authority sites

30. Page Rank: Higher page rank tends to rank better than others

31. URLS Length: Long URLs may hurt search visibility

32. URL path: A page closer to the homepage may get slight authority boost

33. URL String: Categories in the URL string are read by google & may provide a thematic signal to what a page is about

34. Bullets & Numbered Lists: Google prefers pages with Bullets & numbered lists to help break up your content for readers making them more user friendly.

35. Priority of pages in sitemap: priority of pages is given via sitemap.xml file & it may influence rankings

36. Quantity of other keywords page ranks: If page ranks for several other keywords it's going to give google an indoor sign of quality

37. Page Age: Although Google prefers fresh content, an older page that regularly updated may outperform new pages.

38. Parked Domains: Domain parking refers to the registration of an internet domain name without that domain being associated with any services such as e-mail or a website. This may be done with a view to reserving a domain name for future development.

39. Useful content: Google distinguish between quality & useful content


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