What is mean by Google Ad-words? What are the latest Terminologies which we hear?

Google Ad-words Terminologies

What is mean by Google Ad-words? 
Ad-words is the technique or the system which was designed by the Google in order to help the clients or users in marketing their products or services in SE which is Google search engine and also in the affiliate sites. By placing a text ad that appears on the SERP when people are searching for any  Query  /  Phrases that are related to our promoting product/services.
The terms or terminologies which we hear in Google Ad-words are as follows:
CPC - Cost per Click
CPM - Cost per Mile / 1000 Impressions(view)
CPA - Cost per Action / Acquisition.
CPS - Cost per Sale.
CPL - Cost per Lead.
CPR - Cost per Registration.
CPV - Cost per View
CTR -  Click-through rate.
CTR = ( No.of Clicks / Total Impressions ) *100 Minimum 2% of CTR is best for any business / services / products.

Ad placement:

Ad PlacementWidthHeight
Large SkyscraperSideBar300600
Large Rectangle336280
Medium Rectangle300250
Between the content42060
Horizontal Google Banner Ad Sizes
Large Leaderboard97090
Vertical Google Ad Sizes
Wide skyscraper160600
Square Google Ad Sizes
Small square200200

These image sizes are called Ad Sizes in Ad-words, but whereas in the Affiliate program these image sizes are called the Banner Sizes.

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