How to Sign up for Google Adsense?

Sign up for Google Adsense Dinesh Tutor

Google Ad-sense: Through Ad-sense we can Earn Money from our Website. When google approves our website for Ad-sense which means in our Website Ads can be seen
In order to approve a website for Ad-sense by Google - there are some terms and conditions that a Website should satisfy - they are as follows:
  • No duplicate content is allowed on a website.
  • Daily basis a post on a website (is mandatory).
  • No keyword knowledge stuffing - which means it should maintain a keyword density of Minimum of 1% total number of words in an article to the maximum of 3% total number of words in an article.
  • The total number of unique clicks or unique visitors to a website should be more than 5000 viewers/users/traffic.
  • Content or any article on the website or a post should contain less than or a minimum of 300 words.

How to sign up for Google Ad-sense:
  • Search Ad-sense on Google.
  • Click on Google Ad-sense.
  • Click on Sign in.
  • Open the Gmail account.
  • Click on Apps.
  • Go to Blogger (Our Blogger).
  • Click on Earnings.
  • Sign up Ad-Sense ( only sign in website URL )
  • After creating an Ad-sense account, Go to ad code.
  • Copy the ad code.
  • Go to the blogger.
  • Click on the Theme and Edit HTML.
  • After clicking on Edit HTML.
  • Paste the copied Ad-sense code inside the Header tag.
  • Click on save the theme.
  • Go to the Ad-Sense account and click on verify Option.
  • After clicking on verify your website will be verified based on the Google Ad-sense rules and regulations.
    • If the website is as per the rules and regulations of google ad-sense, then your website will be qualified for the ad-sense otherwise not.
  • After verifying ad code on our website within 24 hours of time you will be able to see the ads on your website.
One should know the back-end process of the ad-sense process as it follows:
  • As our website is approved for ad-sense.
  • Google will crawl (read) our website and then by it will index our website based on the category.
  • Now based on the category of website Ads will be shown on our website by google so that the reason for this concept we can't choose what type of ad should be shown on our website.


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