What is a Keyword? How to do Keyword Research and Tools?


Keyword Research and Tools

The word/query which the user searches in a Google search engine.
The keyword is a term that is used for researching alternative terms whenever a user searches for anything in Search Engines while searching for the same keyword or title, results shown on a page that is related to the user's search query.

Keyword Research tools: 
The tools which we use for keyword research are as follows:
1. Keyword planner
2. Uber Suggest
3. Keyword everywhere
Following is the step by step procedure of Keyword Research tools individually
Keyword Planner Tool
Search keyword planner in Google
Click on ads.google.com (or) Google keyword planner
Click on Start now or Sign in
After clicking on Sign in the following page appears on the screen:
Select the option New Google ADs Account if in case you are creating the Adwords account for the first time otherwise select the Switch to Google Account.
After Selecting the New Google ADs account option, the following page appears on the screen:
Click on Switch to Expert Mode
After Clicking on Switch to Expert mode the page is displayed as follows:
Click on the option Create an account without creating a Campaign

Then after a page is displayed as follows and mention the required details which are asked on the page(give a building country, time zone, currency) and then click on Submit 
Click on Explore your account
A page is displayed as follows after clicking on the Explore your account
After creating an account in Google Adwords we will be able to see the following page:
Now Click on Tools and Settings
Go to Planning, under Planning there is an option Keyword Planner
Click on Keyword Planner

After clicking on the Keyword planner 
Now we able to see 2 options on the page
  • Discover new keyword
  • Get search volume and forecast
We can click on any one of the above options here I Click on to discover new keyword
Enter Keyword or title related to your website or product or service
Click on Get Results
Then the page appears on the Screen with the related Results of search Keyword - Keyword ideas
We can download these Keyword Ideas by clicking on the option which can be seen on the page, these keyword ideas are saved in an Excel sheet by clicking on Download keyword ideas

Finally, after downloading the file, open the XL sheet file – we can see the keyword results in this file.
In order to select the keywords from the downloaded excel file for mentioning them in our website content
 - we should consider the following:

  • Monthly volume searches – should be high
  • Competition – should  be low/ medium
Based on the above parameters we should select the keywords after selecting the keywords we should mention in our article.


Search volume / Volume Search – should be high and its value is given as the 10 – 100, 100 – 1K, 1K – 10K, 10K – 1M, etc.
Competition – should be either low or medium but values are shown as Low, Medium, High.
After selecting the Keywords from the Downloaded Keyword ideas based on the above considerations we should mention those keywords in our website content.


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