What is mean by SEO? How it is implemented?

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing Strategies or Techniques which we implement on a Website in order to be in the "Top Position of SERP"(Search Engine Result Page) is the Search Engine Optimization.

Process of increasing the Quantity or Quality of website traffic by increasing the website or Webpage visibility to the users of Seach engines.

SEO - Improvement of Unpaid Results

Whenever a user searches for a Query / Question / Keyword / Title / etc the results shown on a page is SERP Search Engine Result Page.

Which results are seen on SERP?

1 to 5
Paid Results
Local Results
Question and Answers
Rich Snippets

1 to 10
Organic Results
0 to 3
Paid Results
Suggested Keywords
Related Searches

For a Page How many Organic Results can be seen?

10Organic Results / Free Results for each Page
Only 10 Results are seen for a Page?
No, we can see up to 100 Results for a page

  • There is the Settings tab on the SERP
  • Click on Search Settings
  • Give the range to 100 for searches, then we can see 100 Organic Searches
Types of SEO and Optimizations:-
1. Black Hat SEO
2. White Hat SEO
3. Grey Hat SEO
4. On-Site SEO / On-Page Optimization
5. Off-Site SEO / Off-Page Optimization

Black Hat SEO - using Techniques/Strategies in order to get a higher ranking by breaking the Search Engine Rules.
Focusing Only Search Engines not for the user accepts.
Some of the Techniques Used in the Black Hat SEO - Keyword Stuffing, Hidden Texts and links, Spamming the Content and Link Farming.
This results in a Website banned from the Search Engines - Penalty for using Unethical Techniques.

White Hat SEO - using Techniques/Strategies in order to get a higher ranking by following the Search Engine Rules.
Focusing only on User Accepts not for Search Engines.
Some of the Techniques used in the White Hat SEO - Proper Keywords, Keyword Analysis, and Research, Meta tags, Relevant Content, Proper Link Building, Backlinking.
Results can be seen for a long time.

Grey Hat SEO - usage of technically legal methods in order to improve the site rankings, but they are ethically suspected finally this leads to the black hat on a particular day.
To know more about click on the link following Grey Hat SEO.

On-Page Optimization - Optimizing Strategies which we implement “within our Website / Webpagesin order to get the website rank higher and also to earn more relevant traffic in Search Engines.

Off-Page Optimization Optimizing Strategies which we implement “apart from our Website” in order to get the “Positive Signals or Positive Responses or Traffic or Backlinks.”


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