What is Email Marketing? How an Email is Send and Procedure?

Email Marketing is the First Strategy of Digital Marketing.
Email Marketing is Sending a Message for a group of People through Mails.
The best way for getting new customers and engaging with the old (or) current customers.
It allows us to connect with the audience directly.
It can allow creating personalized or targeted messages which help in building a good relation with our customers and also can improve our business sales.
An easy way of getting more number of conversions for the business.

  • Cost-Effective
  • Shareable
  • Easy and Simple 
  • Scalable
  • Conversion and increased Sales
  • Time-Saving
  • Spam
  • Overloaded Information
  • Undelivered mails

Email Marketing is the first form of Marketing Strategy in Digital Marketing
In order to do Email Marketing Strategy we should have the following steps:
  • List Building
  • Content / Template
  • Software’s

List Building:
  • Subscribed Users (Email Id)
  • Registered Users (Email Id)
  • 3rd Party Seller (Email Id)
These all the users (Email Id’s) should be 2-way verified Users or Double Opt-in Verified Users.
When any user is signing up for any registration or service or e-commerce websites, then an Email will be sent to the user’s mail that includes a link that represents to click and confirm the account or subscription. Only after the confirmation, then the user is added to the marketing list officially.
By this Double Opt-in Confirmation process chances of getting mail delivered into the spam will be reduced.
By this process, we have the advantage of getting the information about the users whether they are interested in the topics or business.
We shouldn’t prefer 3rd party sellers because we can’t say whether the users are Double Opt-in users or not.
If we are sending to the Non-Double Opt-in Users this results in delivering the mails to the Spam folder.

Email Content or Email Template:
  • In order to write the temple for sending an email, we should select the email template size – 600px.
  • Content should be simply understandable.
  • For any Email required are Subject which consist of Single line.
  • No usage abusive words –usage of proper language and words which helps in increasing the Conversions.
  • Content should be related to the subject of the mail.
  • No usage of External Website Links.
  • Links should be Web version links – which is nothing but a URL or Web address of a particular page.
  • Mandatory of mentioning proper Physical address – business or Website address.
  • Mandatory of giving Disclaimer at the bottom of the mail.
  • Mandatory of Giving Unsubscribe Link at the bottom of the mail – which helps if any customers are not interested to receive the emails regarding our business or website customers can click on the Unsubscribe button so by doing this further they won’t receive any emails from us.

Software / Tools used for Email Marketing:
  • Feed Burner - free of Cost - Google Product
  • Feed Blitz - Google Product
  • Mail Chimp - Free as well as Paid
    In Mail Chimp, there is a free process in which we sed upload the 2000 contacts and 10,000 Emails can be sent. If we are going to use further-more, then we have to go for the paid process there is a different category.
  • Aweber - Oldest and most popular Email marketing service - 30-day free trial, after this pricing starts from 19$ per month, in this in order to save more we can also signup for Quarterly or annual plans.
  • Send in Blue - Best in Sending Both SMS and Emails - Free Email Marketing plan but only 300 mails per day after that 25$ per month - we can also send SMS as well as EMails.
  • Constant Contact - 60-days trial version, after 60-days we have to pay 20$ per month.
  • GetResponse - Popular Email marketing service which is easy to use and simplifies the email marketing for the Small level business - 30-day free trial, after this 15$ per month.
  • ConvertKit - 14-day free trial, 29$ per month in a paid process which also offers a refund policy for 30-day.
  • Drip - a Best Email Marketing service for E-Commerce Business (This tool is mostly used for Remarketing which means for existing customers)- Free account for only 100 Subscribers after that it is a paid Process 49$ per month.
  • Dedicated Server + Amazon SES + Sendy - Paid (High Cost)
  • Dedicated Server + Php List - Paid (High Cost)

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