Google Search Console / Webmaster Tools

Previously it is named as the Google Webmaster Tools
Renamed as Google Search Console in the year 2015
Helps us in Monitoring, Maintaining, and troubleshooting of a website's presence in the Google Search Results.
We can also check the Indexed Results & Optimizing Visibility of the Websites.

Create an Account in Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console - GSC)

Search Console
1. Sign in Gmail Account
2. Search Webmaster Tools / Google Search Console (GSC) in Google

3. Click on Setup to start / Start now

4. Enter your Domain URL / Prefix URL

5. Click Continue
6. We can see For Word Press Websites as the Domain URL are not in Google Blogger so we have to Add the Records (CNAME, TXT) in DNS Provider - from where we purchased the Domain.
(Example: Godaddy, BigRock, etc)
As below image is for the Word Press Domain URL (FREE)

As below image is for the Blogger Domain URL (FREE)

7. Click on Go to Property and click on start
8. Now we are able to see the Attributes(Sitemaps, Performance, URL Inspection, Links, etc)
9. Click on Sitemap and enter your Domain URL
10. Copy the below line and paste it after the domain URL
11. Click on Submit

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